There are multiple views of the same situation/story.

Anyone who has ever witnessed a good debate is aware of the subjectivity of perception.

Subjective perception could influence even the most peaceful circumstances.

Drinking hot cocoa, by a fire, snuggled, safely in a blanket in your very own home, surrounded by loved ones could be skewed by perception.

If that peaceful scenario was infiltrated by a scary, horror movie, or television show, leaving a mental impression of danger and a lingering emotional reaction of fear, the sound of a neighbor’s car door could be viewed as impending doom.

Subjective perception implies that a wave of fearful thoughts can build the sense of danger even though nothing in your immediate circumstances has changed.

Thoughts of danger can cause stress on the nervous system even though it is all just theories born of fear created by the mind.

This shock to the system can create a boost of adrenaline preparing you for fight or flight.
Adrenaline like a drug flows into your blood and causes the heart rate to rise and your breathing to become more rapid and shallow.

Add into this toxic stew, limiting your oxygen intake by wearing a mask and the body goes into deep distress.

Currently everywhere we look, we are being bombarded with messages that remind us that we are not safe.

The horror movie is playing on a constant stream in the background everywhere you go. Are you sick? Stay away from others for your own good. Wear a mask. Numbers are on an all time high. Stay home and be safe.

Your nervous system is stuck in fight or flight all the time!

Everything has become a potential threat and there doesn’t seem to be any escape.

Our nervous system is an intelligent design that makes our species quite advanced if we know how to use it instead of letting it run out of control causing panic disorders, anxiety, depression and so much more.

It is true that the nervous system is designed to observe our environment through the 5 senses, with the primary focus on survival.

However, it was designed to be used in tandem with instinct. The instinct that man has when in harmony with nature.

As a society we have all fallen ill and disassociated with this instinct. We have immortalized Fear placing it on a pedestal as if it should be revered.

I am proposing that Fear is a mental condition that creates a distorted view of reality and causes the entire body system to over work.

Fear is not real but instead a mental construct, a manmade condition that causes nothing but turmoil in every area.

likened to an electrical system which  in the body. If it shorts out things begin to fall apart quickly.
Every electrical system needs a grounding wire to keep it from shorting out. Your body is no different.

This is why we sleep at night it is one of the ways that the body heals and resets/ grounds.
Your body is doing exactly as it should as it is being guided by your mind.

The problem is that we have created a narrative where everything is a potential threat.

The threat is everywhere; in the air, on your friend, on your sandwich, even in your own body.

How or when you will die is uncertain but, what is certain is this constant stream of fear will undoubtedly cause tremendous harm on the whole-body system.

The answer is not to put a patch on it or a mask over your face.

Just like adding another lock to your door or setting the alarm on your house doesn’t change the fear buzzing through your system it just becomes one more ritual that reminds you there is something to fear ultimately solidifying the fear.

If the mind is filled with ways to avoid potential harm and a slow constant drip of fear is moving through your consciousness at all times you are building walls of protection around you which will ultimately keep out joy and peace.

Please turn off your television and try and tune into the feeling of peace right now! The blessings all around you. Tune into the perfection of this moment without seeing it through the lens of fear!
Take time to tune out everything and sit in meditation or quiet contemplation! This is the only way to bring your whole self back into harmony and peace!


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