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I can't wait to enlighten, uplift, and empower your audience.

In my keynotes to large audiences and workshops with executive teams, I give a motivational, interactive talk that gives you the tools to take back the driver’s seat in all areas of their lives. With stories from my own life experience, I inform and inspire everyone to stop reacting to and start creating the life of their dreams.

My Bio

Debbie Dixon, the author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams," is a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker who leads empowering, and transformational Realizing Your Dreams workshops, and retreats all over the world.

Using stories from her own life experience she informs and inspires you to stop reacting and start creating the life of your dreams. The audience will walk away with tools and techniques to finally let go of limiting beliefs and habits and reconnect with a life filled with wonderment and joy.

Debbie like many others was bound by fear, limitation, struggle, lack, despair, and guilt. Her life wasn’t easy coming from dysfunction and abuse by the age of 17 she found herself alone, with a child and homeless, doing whatever it took to survive.

With survival informing her decisions she found herself in jail on more than one occasion. It was on one of those occasions that she had an experience that would change her life. From that day forward she was determined to never have her freedom taken away again.

Her story is one of overcoming all obstacles through the power of belief.

In her words, "I pulled myself out of the darkness and climbed up the mountain of joy and I often looked back and wondered, 'Why was I able to free myself while so many others are still stuck? I have been to the place that most never return from, and I have brought back a message I must share.”

Her desire for freedom placed her at the feet of many masters, and she has discovered a process that can free anyone from anywhere in any circumstances.

She has spent the last 15 years of her life devoted to sharing these secrets and realigning people to a life they once dreamed of filled with infinite possibilities and limitless joy.


"Love the Life you Live and Live the Life you Love!"

This talk is especially helpful for those going through a transition in life, feeling stuck or looking for clarity and inspiration.

This talk will arm you with tools to assist through all life's transitions with ease and confidence.


Here are a few of the topics I am passionate about.

What is the Power of Intention and how can you make it work for you?

  • Hear Debbie's inspirational personal story of  manifesting a new business in the midst of the market crash of 2009
  • Debbie will share the 7 steps of intention that if followed will lead you directly into the Life of your Dreams

This talk is 60 min

Raising your Vibration to align with your Power of Intention

Vibration is everything on the quest for happiness and fulfillment. Many of us have confused joy and happiness with superficial external stimuli.

  • In this talk Debbie gives a clear understanding of the two most Powerful energies in creation and where they reside on the scale of vibration.
  • She explains why it is important to learn to recognize these two energies and how they show up in our bodies, minds and ultimately dictate our perception and experience.
  • Debbie will give you several ways that you can elevate your vibration ultimately elevating your energy, passion and zest for life!!
  • She will give several ways that you can elevate your vibration.

This talk is 30 to 60 min

What is the real goal of life and how do we all get there?

  • What is the  “comfort zone” and why should I care?
  • What is the “Greatness Detector” and how can I use it to step into my greatness?
  • What is the “Deserve-o-meter” Why it is important?
  • Where on your “Faith-o-meter” is your faith that your dreams and goals will come to fruition? Why it is important to know this answer and how can I increase my faith

This is an incredibly informative talk for high school or college students who are entrepreneurs or innovators.

this talk is 60 min

The FIVE Hindrances that steal your peace.
1.) Sensual Desire
2.) Ill-Will
3.) Sloth and Torpor
4.) Restlessness and Worry
5.) Doubt

  • Debbie discusses how these enemies show up in our lives distorting our view and hindering our ability to connect with true joy.
  • Learn what they are.
  • How to recognize them.
  • How to avoid them.
  • What is the antidote?


Debbie is known for assisting businesses in creating a Clear Vision, Mission and Purpose.

She facilitates Visioning meetings designed to expand and grow the business.

  • Her processes involve clearing any limiting beliefs,.
  • Aligning with an expanded vision.
  • Acknowledging more efficient ways of doing business and discussing how to implement them.
  • Inspiring, rejuvenating and healing businesses

One incredible, informative and inspirational 2 hour meeting, and two, 30 min follow-up calls with Debbie is $500.

Debbie will deliver tangible processes and tools towards significant growth and how to avoid growing pains. Those participating will have a clear purpose, mission and vision of the company.

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