Who is Debbie Dixon- Founder of LiTT

Debbie Dixon is the author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams.” As well as a Yoga teacher, Life Coach, and an Inspirational Speaker who leads transformational, healing retreats all over the world.

As a teacher, she seeks to cultivate the inner fire of transformation with a physically intense and vigorous practice connecting breath and movement. She emphasizes the breath, intention & mindful alignment. She uses the tools and systems of yoga that she has learned through her many years of deep, focused practice, to guide her students back to their highest potential for healing, rejuvenating and connecting to peace/ joy.

Through her speaking, life coaching and workshops, she encourages people to step outside of their comfort zones and helps show them the way to a life filled with freedom, prosperity, joy, and infinite possibilities.

In her yoga retreats she uses yoga, meditation, and techniques from her book, to reconnect participants with their unique, individual, purpose and realign them with the essence of their being, while disconnecting from their everyday routines.

Having studied yogic philosophy before being formally introduced to the physical practice 23 years ago, when she found her physical practice she experienced within her body, mind & spirit, the miracles yoga is capable of creating in ones’ life.

Her journey into the physical practice of yoga began with the Ashtanga primary series and Years later her passion expanded into Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga. She taught her first yoga class well over a decade ago and a few years later she opened (Seven Hot Yoga) a studio/community she owned and ran for almost 5 years.

She often thinks back to a warning her first yoga teacher had said, "Yoga will have side effects, it will heal your body and your life and you won’t be able eat McDonald’s anymore.”

Anxiety and panic attacks were something she dealt with every day, symptoms of the struggle, pain & abuse throughout her childhood.

Before she found yoga, she, like so many others, treated her symptoms with drugs, toxic food, cigarettes and alcohol. Eventually as a devoted practitioner, yoga would become her medicine for everything, not only healing her physical body but as her teacher prophesized—healing her life. Yoga was a process of inner engineering that began with realigning the body for optimal performance, using breath to cleanse and purify, while demanding such presence that the separation of mind and body began to dissolve. This inner shift, often referred to as self-realization, became not only a way of life but, an awakening to her own purpose.

Soon she moved from just teaching the physical practice to returning to her roots and incorporating all she had learned on her path of self realization. This was when she developed her "Realizing Your Dreams" programs and seminars where she informed people of the power of  their thoughts. Now, igniting spiritual health in others has become her Life-long purpose.

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