The Love is the Truth Mission & Manifesto

Why L(ove)i(s)T(he)T(ruth)?-

We have a dream to wake the world up to a renewed connection consciousness. We want to create a movement to abolish separation so we can know our true nature- unconditional love. We wish to spread our message in hopes that it will awaken each person it touches to the truth that there is nothing other than love and love is the creative power of the universe.

The LITT Mission

To give women and children back their power. We believe everyone deserves to live the life they've always dreamed of living, with no barriers or boundaries. We believe everyone deserves a life rich with success and achievement, endless physical vitality, heartfelt personal relationships, and a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment and we are determined to deliver the tools to make this dream a reality.

What exactly does LiTT do?

LiTT  provides group and individual coaching, weekend retreats and week long retreats to women and children. We utilize Techniques from the Realizing Your Dreams Coursebooks, to clear patterns of negative thinking, low self-esteem, unhealthy lifestyles, addictions or abuse.

At LiTT we believe that along with food and shelter all human beings have the right to pursue happiness. Currently there are many woman and children who are trapped in circumstances that hinder them from pursuing these basic human rights. teaching tools and techniques involving; self-analyzation, yoga, meditation and pranayama our state of well-being can rise significantly.

Our clients are non profits who are offering transitional housing or support services to these women and children as well as individuals who reach out desiring freedom from circumstances that hinder their ability to experience joy and know freedom.

 LiTT is determined to provide anyone who feels trapped the tools to change their thinking, shift their consciousness and heal their lives.

The problem as we see it...

  • Lack of rehabilitation programs
  • It is easy to fall into the system (jail, sex-trafficking, Drugs, abuse, poverty, lack, fear) and very difficult to find your way out.
  • People stuck in survival rarely have the means or extra money to spend on healing, inspiring, empowering or educating themselves towards a better life.

Our solution...

  • Offering a program that gives these women tools to heal from their abuse and gain a renewed sense of value, self-love and ultimately heal their thinking and habits. We want to assist them in living their highest and best potential through the proven results of the realizing your dreams program.
  • Eventually We hope to provide a place of refuge where they will be able to remove themselves from their old life while going through the transformational program.
  • We will not only provide these things in person we intend to create an online refuge as well (a place where they can download free guided meditations and realizing your dreams courses along with inspiration and positive thinking)

Why donate?

I know quite intimately what it is like to live in incarceration both physically and mentally. My past is riddled with sexual, physical and emotional abuse. I was homeless at 15 and a mother at 17. I lived in the “me against the world” mentality. I thought that the world sucked and everyday was a battle to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. I was an easy target for the sex industry and found myself trapped within the system. I owed approx. $13,000 in fines and everyday was a battle to just stay afloat.

Then I found yoga. I had read yoga philosophy and became curious about the practice of asana. It has been over 20 years since my first class and yoga not only healed my body, but my mind and spirit as well. As I began the process of self realization through breath, meditation and yoga I started to do the inevitable and elevate my consciousness. I began to emerge as someone new and this new person had new eyes to view the world. I began to see a world where there was joy and peace and love. The more I experienced love the less time I had to live in fear. Read more about this journey here

With my new eyes I looked at friends, colleagues that I left behind (those who were still stuck in this old world) and as the gap between us grew I became curious “what was the difference between us?” That was when I began building the program I refer to as “Realizing Your Dreams” Read more about Realizing your Dreams by clicking HERE

Read more about the founders.

Debbie is an author, mother, intuitive life-coach and a twenty year student of philosophy , yoga and meditation who lives her life in service choosing to live each day under the mantra—”Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu” which translates to “May all beings everywhere know love and happiness and may the thoughts words and actions of myself in some way contribute to this happiness and freedom for all.”
It was this mantra that inspired her to create an organization on the platform of love.

Wanting to put an end to all the needless suffering on the planet and realign people with the power of love to heal, reveal and resolve she has chosen to lead by example in an effort to prove that success can be achieved while leaving the world a better place.
She found her partners who also fostered the same beliefs and lived life under the umbrella of love and they came together and created LITT- love is the truth/ fear is a lie says, a company that believes we should love thy neighbor as you love yourself with no exceptions and we could abolish fear and separation and bestow happiness and freedom to all the beings while healing our beautiful planet…


The LITT Manifesto...

  • Change your vibration change your life- vibrate LOVE
  • Always ask yourself "What would I do differently today if I knew it wouldn’t fail?" then do it!
  • Careful what you wish for- the universe is always listening.
  • Think twice before you think- because thoughts become your reality.
  • Pause, run your thoughts, words and actions through the filter of love, and be the change you wish to see.
  • When you know love, and be love, you will finally see love.
  • As freely as you give love, is as freely as you will receive love.
  • It's simple- Everything is love, because love is the truth.
  • Love is the creative power in the universe.
  • Separation is fear and fear is the opposite of love.
  • Love is the language of the Creator. You will get more accomplished if you speak the language.
  • More love is the solution to every problem.
  • Separation is fear and fear is not LOVE.
  • Love does not have conditions.
  • Love is Connection, Compassion & Caring (Connection is important)
  • love without conditions and know love is the truth.
  • Align your body mind and spirit with love and you will know the joy of being alive
  • Your only guarantee is this breath why waste it in fear, when you can live it in love.
  • Know your heart. It is the door to the infinite, the access point to understanding the whole universe.
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