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Realizing Your Dreams

Realizing Your Dreams Workshops

Realizing Your Dreams is a series of Techniques, Tools, and Training, intended to  

Align, Announce & Allow your highest potential to shine.

People who attend these workshops say that they...

  • rediscovered their joy.
  • remembered what it feels like to be filled with passion and enthusiasm.
  • reconnecting with their unique purpose and found meaning in their life.
  • rediscovered what was most important.
  • learned how to step into the flow of allowing and discovered how to become a conduit for prosperity and abundance in all areas of their life.
  • expanded their realm of possibilities and relearned how to dream without limits.
  • recreated a vision of the life that they wanted and learned the easy steps to achieve it.

If you are you ready to…

  • Connect with and create your true purpose and passion?
  • Learn how to manifest abundance in all areas of your life?
  • Expand your realm of possibility and learn how to dream without limits?
  • Create a vision of the life you want and then learn the easy steps to achieve it?

Realizing Your Dreams is perfect for you!

Who is Debbie Dixon, the author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams?" In short, Debbie is a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Yoga Instructor who leads transformational retreats all over the world. . She inspires you to dream without limits, expand your expectations and live your life on purpose filled with passion.

She has spent the last 25 years in deep study and self-mastery determined to live her highest most joy-filled life. She has used the very same techniques she is giving to you in this course, to free herself from extreme poverty, abuse, and struggle.

In her words, "I pulled myself out of the darkness and climbed up the mountain of joy and I often looked back and wondered, 'Why was I able to free myself while so many others are still stuck?' I found a power that was within me that enabled me to change my whole life and Realizing Your Dreams is a step by step guide that gives participants back their power and helps them remember they deserve to have abundance in all areas of their life. It is time to start living a prosperous, joy-filled, happy life, limited only by your imagination.

Debbie has devoted her life to shining the light and showing others the way.

Her dream is that someday everyone steps back into their Power and starts living the Life of their Dreams. She loves watching the miracles unfold in people's lives as a result of using her systems has given her life meaning.

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