Healing your Chakras and Raising your Kundalini

Healing your Chakras and Raising your Kundalini

Healing your Chakras is a journey through the subtle body. Just as we have a physical body, we also have a body of energy, called the subtle body. And just as we have a physical spine that acts as the central channel through which nerve impulses flow, we also have a subtle central channel called sushumna through which prana, or life force, flows. Deep within the sushumna lie spinning centers of energy, called chakras, which are like intense vortices of energy that act as distribution points for prana.

Blocked energy in our 7 chakras can often lead to illness or distress on systems of the body. Chakra balancing creates a sense of equilibrium between your body, mind and spirit. When your chakras are returned… to their natural frequencies, inner peace, wellbeing, and joy will follow.

In this workshop, experience the deep relationship between yoga asanas (or postures) and the chakras. When the asanas are combined with breath, visualization and mantra, they can have a direct effect on the energy flow within the chakras.

What to expect

We begin with a 30 min lecture on how to recognize imbalance and ways to realign, followed by a 45 min kundalini (all levels) practice designed to clear blocked energy along the sushumna nadi and help to rebalance the subtle body systems. Then finish with a 15 min savasana with the gong to help the body absorb the shifts and truly inspire a transformation from deep within.

“When we can really understand what lies underneath all of the external layers, sheaths and labels we begin to see that underneath it all we are really compelled by the same desires to deepen our connection to one another and our planet. My desire through this workshop is to take away all of the layers of separation and show that underneath it all we are all the same and through an understanding of what the ancient seers and rishis referred to as the subtle body and how to manipulate prana into and through these energetic systems becoming aware of blockages etc. we discover that we really aren’t at the mercy of sickness, disease, fear, anger, depression and anxiety but we can elevate our consciousness through breath and movement!”



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