Meditation Sessions

Why a Private Guided Meditation?

We all have different reasons for turning to meditation, and the list of benefits of meditation extends far beyond just our health and over-all well-being. Debbie is thrilled to offer guided meditation sessions.

  • Stress Relief

The number one cause of aging is stress! Stress in the mind equals stress in the body. The only fail proof way to significantly reduce and eliminate stress is through meditation.

If you are doing everything you can to battle aging on the external realm doesn’t it make sense that it is equally as important to take time to nurture your body from the inner realm?

Other Meditation Benefits

Meditation conquers all of the disturbances plaguing our fast paced, over-worked, multi-tasking society today and can significantly;

  • Rejuvenate the mind and body
  • Create a ripe environment for Healing and Stress reduction
  • Center and ground for those times when we feel everything is out of balance
  • Realignment with the part of you that knows your purpose and unique gifts

It can cultivate an Inner peace that people are drawn to. It can create enough space for the Answers to be revealed when we feel like we just don’t know what the next move is, or if you are faced with a choice and must make a decision. Perhaps the most important benefit of meditation is that it will help to realign you with your Intuition-inner guidance.

Why is a Personal Meditation Guide Helpful?

Meditation can be daunting. Often times to those trying meditation for the first time, sitting still and trying to quiet the mind can feel a lot like and suffering from insomnia and trying to fall asleep.

Debbie has extensive knowledge through 20 plus years of personal experience.  She has participated in guiding 1000’s of hours of meditation both moving and still.

Each session will be specifically geared to the individual needs, wants and desired outcome of the client as well as using intuition. The meditations will be guided and Debbie will not only hold the space allowing for clearing of blocks and old beliefs, she will help in cultivating creating an opportunity for instant transformation by planting the seeds we wish to create below the subconscious mind which can often times act like the gatekeeper not allowing new thoughts to come in. A guided Meditation can help to go beyond the surface and rewrite the subconscious creating magic.

Length of Session for Personal Guided Meditation

  1. 30 min session – 10 min talk to decide what we will focus the meditation towards i.e. peace, healing, raising vibration or energy, clarity, clearing chakras or manifestation Cost is $40
  2. 60 min session which would allow for 30 min intuitive connection 5-10 min body prep (This is best for someone new to meditation, to help gain clarity around what may best serve them). Cost is $80

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