Realizing Your Dreams Course

Realizing Your Dreams Course

If you are you ready to… Connect with and create your true purpose and passion? Learn how to manifest abundance in all areas of your life? Expand your realm of possibility and learn how to dream without limits? Create a vision of the life you want and then learn the easy steps to achieving it? Then this Realizing Your Dreams Program is perfect for you!

A message from your Heart

Yoga teaches us to live in the midst of turmoil and remain centered and balanced. Life is like yoga filled with turbulent winds swirling around. Sometimes we lose our balance, even falling or stumbling. We quickly gain are composure and concentration letting it be in the past and through the breath we are reminded to focus on the present.

LITT Mission

At LiTT our goal is "To unite the world in LOVE" Check out what we are up to next to see how you can join the movement!


LITT in Action

  • 25 Nov


    There are multiple views of the same situation/story. Anyone who has ever witnessed a good debate is aware of the subjectivity of perception. Subjective perception

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  • yoga retreat 28 Oct


    Close your eyes and Imagine life without the narrative of the mind… . A life without attachment, expectations, or desires. . Among free to dream

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  • 27 Jul

    Journey to Remembering

    I need to cut the cord he thinks as he manages to stand up on his wobbly legs. Panic coursing through his veins and somehow

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