The Path to Freedom

Your Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams



Enlightening, transformative, and empowering, this book will change your life.

"Debbie, I just finished your book and was floored by it. You are so very in sync with life and its secrets worth sharing. You inspire me! You have taken choice pieces of Kundalini Yoga Philosophy, AA Philosophy, Buddhism, Spirituality and common sense and woven them...Dixonized them...into an explosion of inspiration and motivation that is accessible to the layman. Well done Debbie!" Michael Uslan- Author of "The Boy Who loved Batman" & producer of the Batman movies.

This is not your typical self-help, guru book. This book is a raw, real, honest, guide that will open the door to transformation within whoever reads it.

This isn’t a book to teach you how to increase your income or raise your status. This book will give you something far more valuable --freedom. Her bondage like many others was fear, limitation, struggle, lack, despair and guilt. This book will give you the key and guide you to the door of Freedom.

Intended as a guide, this book gives people back their power. Giving the reader tools to stop reacting to life and start creating the life of their dreams.

A note from the author...

As I pulled myself out of the darkness and climbed up the mountain of joy, I often looked back and wondered, “Why was I able to do this while leaving behind so many still lost and lonely?” My curiosity continued to grow, leaving me in a constant state of wonder about humans and our capability.

This wonder has led me to the feet of many masters and hundreds of books as I searched for answers. Over the last twenty-two years, I have immersed myself in self-inquiry through the practices of yoga and meditation, and about fourteen years ago, I made the transition from student to teacher. As a teacher, I saw people embarking on the climb up the same mountain I had once scaled, and I was able to assist them on their path.

I have been to the place that most never return from, and I have brought back a message I must share. These pages hold that message. I intend to show you a story of triumph over the confines of jail, drugs, pain, and fear, from despair to pure and abundant joy.

Having transcended this dark world and discovered a magical formula that allows me to stand in the very same shoes, in the very same location, and see a whole different world—a world of beauty and love, compassion and kindness, everywhere I look—I chose to write this book with the prayer that you will witness my journey and watch your world change right in front of your eyes!


The Path to Freedom

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Such an easy read for such powerful concepts! The author immediately connects with the reader at their level, highlighting bullets of wisdom from her own life story so candidly, reads like a novel, gripping your attention. I have read many self help books and am familiar with almost all of the concepts in the book but still enjoyed reading it immensely. It will help you immediately uncover any blocks you might be experiencing in a painless comfortable sort of way. I LOVED IT. You will too! If you have to get one book for evolution, this is it! Good for gifts too!
Your mind creates your reality. You can choose to accept this or not. Be conscious of it and start your mind working for you, or you can ignore it and allow it to work in ways that will hinder and hold you back.But you mind will always and forever be creating your reality. This is what I got from over the rainbow thanks for being so inspirational to all if us Debbie Dixon.
Stuck in an auto repair shop today for hours... Thankfully I've got Debbie's book with me ... Working through some personal stuff and like magic I turn to a chapter that perfectly connects with what I need at that moment.
Are you lost in the emotional and situational brambles of life? Are you living in a "low vibrational state" of fear and guilt. Are you making poor choices and cannot seem to make life work. If so, then this is the book for you. The author shares her experiences of life in the brambles and how she got out and now lives a life in the light. And she would like to help you do the same. The book is well written and the words flow easily. You will not want to put it down. 5 stars for a well written guide that will help you move out of the brambles and into the light.
Get this for yourself, a friend or family member who might need a way to help themselves out of a rut or make a better life for themselves
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