Ideas of WHAT Creators do in their Spare Time

If you have been looking to change the way you spend your free time... Learning to find joy in new ways and new experiences... Take a look at this list!

  1. Check Out and search for interests that you may have. You can find all kinds of groups on here with a wide array of interests and hobbies. If you can't find your group or interest on here maybe you should start your own, chances are there are others out there looking for it.
  2. Outdoor adventures
    1. Zip wild adventure Programs (take a zip line at NW Trek) or just take a tram ride
    2. Hike, run, walk... Many beautiful options
    3. Check out NW BEACHES Be with nature visit the Botanical Gardens in Bellevue
    4. Play a picnic. Find a location and make it an adventure.. Take a ferry ride to Orcas island
  3. Take a Sea plane to some of the wonderful local destinations like Roach Harbor and Kenmore Air
  4. Watch or play sports. Your local community center can be a great resource for finding co-ed sports teams for adults. Or just get together with friends and play basketball, cricket, tennis, raquetball etc.
  5. Spa day just for you at Olympus Spa for Women in Lynnwood and Tacoma WA Just $20 and you can spend the whole day bathing and loving you. For a little more money you can get a skin scrub, massage, facial and SO much more!!
  6. Go to an amazing Dinner Theater event! Like Teatro ZinZanni or visit the Castaways at The CanCan Room, Seattle also offers some great Burlesque Shows
  7. Play Frisbee in a park
  8. Volunteer; plant a tree, clean up a park, see if you can help out a church
  9. Indoor Rockclimbing
  10. Game Night with Family or Friends
  11. Clean out your closets and release the attachments to the old you!
  12. Work in your garden or plant some fresh fruit, spices or veggies
  13. Journal about how grateful you are!
  14. Read a new book, Start a book club or join one
  15. Try a new recipe with ingredients you are not familiar with
  16. Plan a Dream vacation act as if you are buying the plane tickets, planning your agenda, then print off pictures of your destination and place them in a Dream box and start saving
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