Do these three things and never work again

Do These Three Things and Never Work Again

Are you stressed out and as a result experiencing depression, anxiety or poor health? Are you stuck in the cycle of wake up, go to work, go home, sleep just to do it all again tomorrow and the only way you can see to escape this hamster wheel is winning the lottery? If you answered “no” you are one of the few who are already living a work free, passion filled, purpose driven life but, if you answered “yes” you have likely bought into the belief system passed down by our elders. Remember when dad used to say,

“You must earn a living, the harder you work the more you should get paid and back-breaking work is what earns respect, nobody gets a free ride.”

Isn’t it time that we challenge these old beliefs?
I am not saying dad wasn’t right. That is how the world used to work but, as humanity advances and evolves, our belief systems must evolve too. Aren’t we ready to let go of the “work hard and earn a living” life goals and aspirations and begin spreading the message of happiness and joy through unity and connection as the true goal of life? A purpose filled life is the doorway to happiness and when you are on purpose, work looks like joy. Advances in technology have placed information and limitless potential at our fingertips. Our connection to one another used to be limited to an arms-reach now just reach into your pocket and the whole world is within our grasp by a click of a button on your mobile phone. Although we have created an infrastructure that is truly limitless we are still bound by our internal programming which says,

“There isn’t enough to go around and you aren’t deserving of good until you have struggled, worked hard and earned it.”

Look around, this is not your fathers’ world. As the world around us progresses we must stop and reevaluate our beliefs. Are those old beliefs about hard work still serving us and are they still true? Consider the possibility that we all have natural, unique god given, talents and interests and what if we spent more time trying to recognize what our intrinsic inclination is and contribute to the world while fulfilling our purpose. How do we delete this old programming and completely change our idea of life?

The first step towards updating your internal programming is, stop saying “I have to.” Do you find yourself thinking or saying “I have to” followed by a list of things you have decided you must do before you will finally have some time to do what you “want to do”? As long as you keep putting things between you and your joy everything will feel like work. Stop and ask yourself “Do I have to do this or am I choosing to do this?” If you can’t change a “Have to” to a "Want to" at the very least, choose to walk away from it for now. If you revisit it later after taking some time to nurture you it will feel far less burdensome and much more of a privilege to do those tedious tasks necessary to sustain your desired lifestyle.

Second thing necessary to live a life without work is to remember that you only have a short time in this body, with this family and these friends, so why not make the most of it.

Stop deciding “You will be happy when…” and putting your happiness somewhere in the future and instead start choosing happiness now! Look for the joy in “what is” instead of wishing this moment was somehow different. Remember that life is good and it isn’t the circumstances but instead your perception of the circumstances that creates your experience!

Lastly, recognize your passions.

The easiest way to recognize your passion is notice those moments when you are zapped of every ounce of energy. As you lay motionless on the couch your friend asks you about your favorite tea, where you like to hike or how to build a deck, you suddenly feel a burst of energy and your heart rate soars through the roof as you spring up and answer. Make time to do those things that you are passionate about even if it is just talking about them or imagining them. The best test to find your passions and unique purpose is to run it by the “What would I do If money wasn’t a factor” test. If you would still do it if your monetary needs were met and you received nothing in return for your efforts you have surely stumbled into something you are passionate about!