What do You Really Want?

If I were to ask you “What do you want more than anything? What is your biggest wish right now?” Would you respond, “more money?”   I often ask people this question and have noticed that more money is the most common answer. Then I ask, “what would you do with

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yoga retreat


Close your eyes and Imagine life without the narrative of the mind… . A life without attachment, expectations, or desires. . Among free to dream without limits, and pure with a sweetness, like a child . With no mind there would be no limiting beliefs, fearful thoughts, and worries. .

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Do We Have to Die to Rest in Peace?

Do We Have to Die to Rest in Peace? There is a parable about a guru walking along the riverbank with one of his disciples. The disciple had found himself swirling in the turmoils of life and come to his Guru for guidance. His mind had been buzzing like a

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this one thing will change your life

Do This One Thing and Your Life Will Change

Do This One Thing and Your Life Will Change It really is as simple as Changing this one thing and you can reignite your passion and purpose. A simple small shift can create a more fulfilling life where everyday you wake up with meaning. I discovered a long time ago

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The Path to Freedom

The Path to Freedom- an excerpt Chapter one- Dreams Can Be Your Reality What if dreaming the impossible dream enough times began to make the impossible possible? This book will re-establish the art of dreaming without limits into your everyday regimen, and you will once again see the world as

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Is Your Mind Your Worst Enemy?

Is Your Mind Your Worst Enemy? I can walk away from someone who has hurt me. . I can leave an uncomfortable situation in search of comfort. . I can choose where I go, who I talk to and what I read or watch on T.V.. . Yep, I can

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Why LOVE is always the answer

Why Love is always the answer I have come to recognize that no matter what the problem, love is always the answer. I used to think my worries were valid. I feared the circumstances I couldn’t control. Now I see things differently. Because when I started to look closer at

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Your Dreams Should Scare You

Get in touch with that fearless warrior inside of you that is begging to come out!! Let yourself be bold and courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories to further your mission and your dreams. Don’t worry about what may go wrong…let go of the reins of control and

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LiTT tribe Retreats Hikes the Inca Trail

Why Hiking the Inca Trail Changed my Life

Why Hiking the Inca Trail Changed my Life How the Inca Trail became a Metaphor for Life It was one of the hardest things I have ever done both mentally and physically! Before we began one of our guides took me aside and said, “Are you the leader of this

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do these three things and never work again- debbie dixon

Do these three things and never work again

Do These Three Things and Never Work Again Are you stressed out and as a result experiencing depression, anxiety or poor health? Are you stuck in the cycle of wake up, go to work, go home, sleep just to do it all again tomorrow and the only way you can

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