Radical Love can Transform Your Life.

What is Radical Love?

I believe that what we need now more than ever is Radical Love…

How do we connect with Radical Love?

First it is important to consider these two things…

1.) If you plant a tulip 🌷 seed, you will not get a rose 🥀 bush.

2.) A healthy garden will not emerge from toxic soil.

As a metaphor for life; thoughts are seeds and the body is the soil.
Take a look at your life; your relationships, career, home and health. What you see is a direct result of the seeds you’ve planted.
If any part of your life isn’t fulfilling or bringing you joy, I urge you to investigate for toxins that may have slipped into the soil.
A healthy, nurturing, environment is necessary for growth. This is a positive environment filled with optimism and faith.
We all desire growth, it is a necessary part of a happy, fulfilling life.
Contraction, separation, anger or segregation are the qualities of fear and the signs of a toxic, unhealthy, environment.
Fear is tricky. It can slip past even the most aware gardener. It can come in a pretty package.
Disguised as love, protection and health, we buy up as much as we can carry, and sprinkle large doses onto our gardens.
Soon our garden has stopped growing altogether and fear has taken over.
Held captive in a prison of fear we imagine walls where there are none. Ask yourself if you have ever started off looking to create something amazing and somehow ended up focusing all your energy and what is opposing your creation from coming to fruition? If so, you have been tricked by fear disguised as good intentions.

You started giving your thoughts (seeds), energy, attention and focus on the thing that you don’t want instead of nurturing what you do!
Seeds of hope are destroyed before they can grow roots.
Take a look at your garden is hope still growing?
This is a critical, telling, time. A time where we need hope more than ever. .
Fear can be deceiving but, even disguising itself with good intentions.
But it will infiltrate your garden like a weed and suffocate all that you are wishing to grow as your life
Fear will not be clearly labeled, nor will it announce itself. .
Notice when you are watching T.V. do you start to feel contracted or fearful. .
That is the fear don’t let it infect your garden! Choose happiness and change the channel or turn it off.

If you are on your phone or talking to someone and you notice the conversation shift to fear, choose happiness.

Change the topics of conversations or put the phone down.
Take time to meditate on love and compassion (not born of fear) but, born of bliss, joy and radiant health. Release FEAR and Choose LOVE <3

Visualize what you want and find a way to be for that thing without being against anything!