Quote of Inspiration

Stop…take a deep breath in…hold the breath for just a moment… slowly release the breath and pause… In the pause make a wish (Think about something that you would like to be different and say how you would like it to be) then smile as you know the intelligence of the universe is reorganizing itself to reveal your wish become your life.


  • 02 Dec

    You Have All The Stuff.. Now What?

         So often people misunderstand my take on money and consumerism. They believe that I reject having “The good Life” Which couldn’t be more

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  • 25 Nov


    There are multiple views of the same situation/story. Anyone who has ever witnessed a good debate is aware of the subjectivity of perception. Subjective perception

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  • yoga retreat 28 Oct


    Close your eyes and Imagine life without the narrative of the mind… . A life without attachment, expectations, or desires. . Among free to dream

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