Start Realizing the LIFE of your DREAMS!

Are you wanting to make a change in your life?

Do you wonder what is holding you back from the effortless Abundance & Prosperity you deserve?

If you are being drawn towards a transformation in your career, relationship or overall well-being, this meetup is for you. Come and be inspired, meet new friends and Rekindle passion in all areas of your life. We will have an open forum for discussion of a weekly topic (each topic picked with the intention of removing blocks and helping the members of this group open up to their purpose and step onto that path.) Some of the topics we may come together and discuss…

1.) Allowing and Receiving

2.) What are the blocks that are holding you back and how can we recognize and remove them?

3.) What is the POWER of INTENTION and how can I make it work for me in my life?

4.) What is the Law of Attraction and how do I tap into my vortex?

5.) What do I really want?

6.) Am I really the creator of my destiny and if so why doesn’t it feel that way?

7.)How can I start living a life filled with “Want to’s” vs “Have to’s”

Wear comfortable clothing! We will finish with a guided visualization, relaxation meditation!

Cost for workshop is just $25! At Lifetime Fitness

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