Winter Solstice Sound Healing- Release -Revitalize- Renew

Join Debbie Dixon for this incredible sound healing and Yoga Nidra event!


Through a light practice we will move our bodies to align and prepare our whole being for this magical and transformative, healing experience.

The practice will involve breathing and gentle yoga in preparation to heal, release or clear anything that isn’t serving us. I hope you will join the sonic yogis for this unique and deeply rewarding yoga experience that blends sacred movement, breath control and healing frequencies of the crystal bowls!

Revitalize & Renew-

You will emerge from this deeply cleansing, healing experience feeling refreshed and renewed.

No experience is necessary.

This practice is appropriate for practitioners of all-levels.
Wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat and any other yoga props needed to support your practice. Prepare to enjoy a truly cosmic experience leaving you feeling tuned, refreshed and connected with your HEART.

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Cost: $45.00 tickets Limited Space – Reserve your spot now

More information on this event:
The combination of yoga Nidra and  Crystal Sound Healing Bowls, are truly magical. The vibration of The bowls elevates the receptive qualities of our mind and heart and the body behaves like a tuning fork resonating with the cosmic vibrations of the sounds and frequencies, ultimately raising your vibration. These vibrations go deep within your subconscious mind allowing you to obtain a deepened state of being. It is in the state of being where the magic happens and the mind and body become receptive. The Use and Science of the Sound Healing Bowls

Sound healing, which is also known as sound therapy has been practiced since ancient times. The concept of sound therapy is based on the idea that every part of your body creates a vibration which resonates in a certain way. Put another way, vibrational healing is based on the idea that everything in the universe – including our bodies – is in a state of vibration.

When your body is out of balance, diseases can result. That is, illness is caused by blockage which stops the organ in question from vibrating at its healthy frequency. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body’s balance which in turn helps you heal.

Singing bowls are often utilized in the course of sound therapy. One type of bowl commonly used in this regard are known as crystal singing bowls, which are also known as quartz singing bowls or glass singing bowls. Various alternative health practitioners believe that the use of these bowls can have a significant beneficial effect on the healing of your mind and body, especially when combined with positive affirmations in the form of mantras and chants.

One of the reasons for the use of Crystal singing bowls is the belief that our bodies are made of crystalline structures. For this reason, it is believed that crystal singing bowls significantly affect all the organs and cells of your body. In addition, some alternative health practitioners believe that your brainwave frequency and state of consciousness can be positively charged by the vibrations that are created during sound bowl mediation.


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