Spring Equinox 108 Salutations

The Earth, like our bodies, breathes with unyielding rhythm and there is no better time to observe this divine truth than during a change of seasons when the breath wave of our planet can be experienced through all the senses!

Let’s meet at the point when the sun is highest in the sky and consciously welcome this change of seasons with 108 sun salutes!

Contemplate the answers to these questions and create a clearing within.
• What has been my personal harvest this year, what has grown into full expression and brought me joy?
• What seeds of insight will I collect and re-plant in the next season?
• Where am I holding back or ceding to doubt? What fears are stalling me?
• Where am I creating struggle or holding on? How can I conserve energy by releasing any unnecessary effort in this cycle?

Cost is $35 12pm to 2pm

During an equinox, the day and night are equal lengths. The Spring Equinox represents a time of rebirth and new beginnings, making it a great time to detoxify the body. This is the spring cleaning of the body<3


Why 108?

The number 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Yoga. Traditionally, malas, or garlands of prayer beads, come as a string of 108 beads (plus one for the “guru bead,” around which the other 108 beads turn like the planets around the sun). A mala is used for counting as you repeat a mantra—much like the Catholic rosary.

The number 108 is considered sacred by several Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism , connected yoga and dharma based practices. The individual digits 108, 1, 0, & 8 represent one thing, nothing and everything ( infinity ), representing the belief of the ultimate reality of the universe as being ( paradoxically ) simultaneously one , emptiness , and infinite.

Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance.

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