Realizing Your Dreams – ALLOWING & RECEIVING

Allowing and Receiving your GOOD
* You may have mastered all of the principles of Manifestation but still haven’t realized all those things you desire and you want to know why.
* The principle of allowing is very important. Most of us only allow ourselves to receive just 2% of the good trying to come to us.
* You deserve to have a good life filled with love, abundance, good friends, excellent health and loving relationships.
* It is the higher plan of the universe for everyone to have lives of beauty, harmony and abundance
* Although you easily allow abundance into some areas of your life, there are other things you feel you don’t deserve or must work hard for.
Maybe you have all of the food you want, good friends, respect and support even creative ideas however you are not allowing financial abundance, loving relationships or great health.
Those people who have abundance, loving relationships and happiness are not more deserving than you they simply allow more good things to come into their life.
What is holding you back?
What are you not allowing into your life?
How can we recalibrate our frequency to one of receiving and allowing ALL of our GOOD?
Ask and it is Given”
“Seek and ye shall Find”
“Knock and the Door will be opened”
These are the universal laws of the universe and whether or not you use them or even are aware of them they are at work just like gravity…
The problem is…
*We are Asking (often times unaware and without intention) but we are not open to receive or aligned with receiving
*We are seeking but we are so full of knowledge and ideas we are not open to what we find.
*We are knocking and the door is wide open but, we aren’t walking through it.
We all have equal dibs on the abundance all around us. Nothing makes me more deserving than you and vice versa. There is enough for everyone and we were all born and given a winning lottery ticket of infinite abundance. If you aren’t living in a state of infinite abundance right now it is only because you haven’t chosen to cash your ticket in…

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