Return to Self a Day to re”MEMBER”

Return to Self a Day to re”MEMBER”

Hosted By Debbie Dixon

When- August 13th 9 am to 8pm

Where- @sacred dwelling-22226 223RD AVE SE, Monroe, WA 98272.

LOVE Investment $108

-Imagine the life you’ve always dreamed of living, with no barriers or boundaries. Imagine a life rich with success and achievement, endless physical vitality, heartfelt personal relationships, and a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment. –

Join Debbie Dixon, author of “The Path to Freedom, Your Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams,” Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher on a day to Re”member.” The more we live, the more memories we create. These pictures of the past, shape the perception of our present experience. Those stories of yesterday dictate our fears of tomorrow and can impact our enjoyment of now. Re”member”ing will create an opportunity to fully connect with this moment free of the stories and limitations of yesterday. This magical day will reunite you with your soul to realign with your dharma or individual purpose.




The Sacred Dwelling is just above the beautiful Sky River Valley in between Duvall and Monroe, WA. The energy, beauty and love is evident as you enter the property. An important part of Re”member”ing is to unplug from our chaotic lives and plug into nature. This serene, country setting is a place to reset and recharge.


You will awaken a new understanding of who you are and your unique purpose. You are more than just your body, roles, or mind. Using breath, movement, energy & writing techniques we will get back in touch with our higher self and sync the higher self with the individual self. The higher self sees the world from a higher perspective. From this viewpoint you can begin to tell the story of your life from an elevated state. The day will leave you with…

  • A Rekindled for life.
  • A Healing of Past Trauma
  • A Clearing of Limiting Beliefs
  • A Releasing of Burdens/Bondage
  • A Recalibrating to Your Own Inner Guidance
  • A Reconnecting with Your Higher Self



1997 is the year Debbie fell in love with the physical practice of yoga. She used this practice to purify heal her body and mind from physical and emotional toxins that had accumulated due to abuse and trauma as a young girl. Yoga truly transformed her and saved her life. Her initial experience came from the traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga. Eventually she found her way to exploring Hatha, Kundalini, and Yin yoga. She began teaching in 2009 using sequencing and words to assist others in the cultivation of the inner fire of transformation so that they too may experience the evolution of healing through yoga.

Her vinyasa style class is dynamic, physically intense connecting breath and movement. She loves to weave in yogic philosophy and love. Her goal is to provide a visceral, spiritual, heart opening, journey, intended to reunite the body with mind and spirit.

She believes that yoga is more than just a physical practice and inspires people through yoga into their own self-discovery.

-What you can expect to experience ON YOUR DAY TO Re”Membering” – 


Practices which merge ancient wisdom with everyday life. Explore the vast & limitless terrain of mind, body & breath through guided techniques that naturally reveal inner peace. Realign with grace to become a conduit for abundance & joy.


This. Is. Soulfood. Explore the depths of heart & wisdom within the body. Modern science meets traditional teachings as support for living with fierce intent & unbound passion. These will include discussions, practices & take–home materials to facilitate healing on every level.

WHAT WE PROVIDE? The space, The food, The Cacao, the teachers, and the love

WHAT YOU BRING? An open mind and open heart, a journal and pen, pillow, mat, blanket, change of clothes, food (unless you opt for us to provide]


9am-11am start with intro ceremony and meditation and discovering our individual purpose

12pm-1pm power of attention/intention, the two brains, how to access the heart/intuition and re”member”

1pm-2:15pm break for lunch

2:15pm-4:30pm group work

4:30pm-6pm asana and breathwork/pranayama

6pm7pm cacao ceremony with fire

7pm-8pm lay out for sound healing

You can bring your own lunch or we can provide you with a Hawaiian Poke or acai Bowl from HERE

You can choose the option to include the meal at registration and will be e-mailed prior to the event as a reminder, a list of things to bring, and the option to pick from 3 Poke bowls. <3




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