Your Angel Message for Today…

The path to peace can be found in any circumstance, just utter the magical words “this too shall pass” and find yourself whisked into the eye of the storm. This is the vantage point of the gods. Know that the peace you are looking for is within and accessible always, no matter what storms life is throwing at you.

My NEW Book!

What If... The Shapeshifter's Guide to Transformation- Are you desiring... A new understanding of who you are and your unique purpose A Rekindled zest for life A Healing of Past Trauma A Clearing of Limiting Beliefs A Releasing of Burdens/Bondage A Recalibrating to Your Own Inner Guidance A Reconnecting with Your Higher Self

LITT Mission

At LiTT our goal is "To unite the world in LOVE" Check out what we are up to next to see how you can join the movement!


LITT in Action

  • 12 Oct

    You need this…

    Is there a subtle yearning or desire to grow, see, and experience the world. If you are discontent, dispassionate, alone, misunderstood, invisible and are wanting

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  • The Path to Enlightenment Explained

    How the eight limbs of yoga and the Chakras come together and why this is important in learning the tools towards taking charge of manifesting

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  • 21 Oct

    The Experiment…

    You would probably be shocked to really understand the extent this authority has control and influence over people's choices and decisions even when it goes

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