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Northwest Yoga Conference

Northwest Yoga Conference
Come and check out my Class Elephant Power at the Premier Seattle Yoga event!
Are you embarking on big changes or starting something new (a new relationship, job, home, business etc)?  If you are dabbling in creation and want a little help then you need some Elephant Power and Ganesha is your guy! Ganesha has become one of the most recognized deities among Hinduism’s rich and colorful pantheon. He is the ‘remover of obstacles’, ‘the lord of new beginnings’ and the ‘guardian of wisdom’ bestowing prosperity and success onto all that are open to him. 
In this workshop, we will discuss the symbolism, chanting and mudras associated with this deity and why he is considered the first.  Then, in an all-levels asana practice, you will learn to embody Ganesha’s great strength and fearlessness through asana.  Expect to release your inhibitions through dance, chant and celebration as we call upon Ganesha and to work some magic in your life!
  • February 24, 2018
  • 1:00 pm
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