Why LOVE is always the answer

Why Love is always the answer

I have come to recognize that no matter what the problem, love is always the answer.

I used to think my worries were valid. I feared the circumstances I couldn’t control. Now I see things differently. Because when I started to look closer at my worries I found that they all stemmed from a FEAR.

Most of them came down to the same few fears…The fear that I am not good enough, not deserving, that I don’t have enough or that I am just plain NOT ENOUGH.

When Following my worry to its FEAR roots I always found sitting at the root, the little me… the me who was hurt; both physically and mentally, broken and filled with doubt about my worth. The me who was so lost and confused had even mistook abuse for LOVE. As a child I desired everyone else’s approval even if it meant hurting me or pushing my feelings aside.
Like you, I thought I needed others to tell me my worth and whether or not I deserved love, the kind that feels good and is unconditional.

I have discovered that is all lies I was telling myself. Now I have grown and come to know the POWER of  LOVE to heal the cracks and break down the walls of separation! Let me be clear. This is Not a love that comes from someone else, riddled with conditions…
The infinite well of LOVE that I found within myself is without boundaries. When you tap into this well LOVE flows through you. I choose to speak words of love, think thoughts of love and take actions of love to myself and others. I live immersed in LOVE. It flows through my veins.

This isn’t easy because to truly embody love you must LOVE YOURSELF first. This means I had too Forgive myself for not standing up for that little me or protecting myself. This means viewing my imperfections as perfections… This means loving my mistakes and seeing my failures as successes. It also means that I LOVE you without judgement or conditions because I recognize that you are me and I am you! Spread the LOVE!!


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