Forget all You Know to Remember Who You Are

Today try letting go of your story.

Wipe your slate clean.

Arrive into this moment free.

Unpack all of your baggage including;

where you have been…

what you have done…

and who you are supposed to be…

Then, let go of the strings attaching you to your desires;

the places you intend to go…

what you intend to do, create or become…

Once you have done this you will release the heaviness of yesterday and the tugging of tomorrow you can sit freely in this moment.

Then ask yourself “What if this is it? What if this is all there is? What if I have made it, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and this is perfection?

When the answer that comes to your heart is a resounding “yes!”

You have found true freedom…

If you can achieve that…

you are practicing yoga!

You see, yoga is a way of life!

Your asana is whatever shape your body is in when you have integrated the mind into the body.

Yoga was given to us from our ancestors as a path towards liberation-

Freedom from all binds, desires, expectations and imagined limitations.

You see it isn’t real, it is all a figment of your imagination.

The first step is forgetting everything you think you know!

Once you have done this…

You will make yourself available to remembering all that you are.

The yogi knows that the only limitation you ever face is the boundaries set forth by your mind.

When we expand our minds we can expand our consciousness and suddenly we find we our boundless-limitless and free.

What if letting go of your story is the ticket to JOY, LOVE and BOUNDLESS POSSIBILITIES?


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