“If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” Thoreau

I have found that the path to your unlimited abundance, wealth and affluence is right in front of you. All that you ever need to do is find the COURAGE to grab the key of SURRENDER and then walk up to the door of HOPE and get out of your head and into your heart. It is there that you will find the FAITH to place the key into the lock and walk through the door of HOPE. To walk through a door not knowing what is on the other side you cant rely on your ordinary, everyday kind of FAITH it is a special FAITH, the kind that has no needs, worries or fears. It is a FAITH without strings or ATTACHMENTS. This FAITH is without concern for the Self. It is with this FAITH that the impossible becomes possible. When you have this kind of FAITH you step into a KNOWING where you are compelled to take action instead of taking the perspective of life, work, love being something that you want to do you will have decided this is something you HAVE to do. You will find yourself immersed In a pool of your own BLISS, PASSION and PURPOSE. We all have a special GIFT that is uniquely ours, something we are here to OFFER and when we align with that gift we align with the power of creation. This power will guide you through the steps with inspiration and enthusiasm. You will be unstoppable. You can’t create this feeling , it cannot be manufactured it is a knowing that arrives within you and with it you will feel a sense of freedom and divine inspiration and with a fiery passion you will act on it. “I have this faith,” you say. “I know I can. Why isn’t it happening? Why do I continue to experience struggle and keep hitting these walls?” I would ask you “Do you really think that you deserve this! Are you good enough? Why you and not someone else?” The answer to those questions will arrive from the deepest part of your being. You must travel to the places in you that you have placed a giant, do not enter, sign on and locked up never to revisit. Those places that brought the darkest moments, deepest despair, guilt and anger needed to be placed somewhere safely confined and waiting until you could reach in and pull them out and let them go. They are a source of weakness and a constant reminder that you are not deserving of your highest good. They are lies you are telling yourself and holding yourself back from FAITH and all the good waiting for you on the other side of the door.

Can you see all the power, love, compassion and understanding that your suffering has brought to you? Can you see your pain and find forgiveness? Forgiveness is the ticket to your heart and it is in your heart that you will connect with your truth, you will discover who you are and why the world is waiting for you to become YOU. If you are feeling frustrated and feel as though you are on a hamster wheel running in place and exhausted, overworked and are getting nowhere. There may be a weakness in your belief system a wound that hasn’t healed and this weakness has created a fog on your windshield. With a foggy windshield, unable to clearly see the road, you may have taken a wrong turn inadvertently moving farther away from your path. Your heart holds the unlimited creation of all that you desire. It is in recognizing your path as one of a great warrior and spiritual being that has at times stumbled and crawled but always picked himself up and with undying faith moved forward, that you will see you are only limited by your faith in yourself. You must look back at your life and see your triumphs look at all of your accomplishments’ acknowledge your abilities and see that you deserve all the goodness the world has to offer. You are a powerful creator and the world is waiting on you to have faith in yourself. When you find your faith and turn the key the flood gates will open and as Thoreau said “You will meet with a success unexpected in common hours!” Get to work!!


Ask yourself

  • Do I deserve it? And write down all the reasons that you do and be aware of the reasons that you don’t or the feeling in the body as you write your answers. Is the feeling true confidence or do you feel maybe you aren’t the MOST deserving person.
  • What have I accomplished over the last year or two? And write down all of your accomplishments, Anything that you are proud of.
  • What does the person I imagine is living the life of my dreams look like? How do they look different than I do? Can I find similarities?