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Start Realizing The Life of Your Dreams

Do you want to know…

-What exactly is THE POWER OF INTENTION?

-What are the secrets of manifesting the life of your dreams?-How to use INTENTION and ATTENTION to WAKE UP EVERYDAY to a JOB, RELATIONSHIP, FAMILY and HOME that you DREAM ABOUT.

-How you can HAVE what you WANT and what that IS

-How to Ask and find the answers to questions like WHO ARE YOU and WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE and HOW DO YOU GET THERE from HERE?

-As well as…Learn to EXPAND outside of what you know to BECOME something you have only DREAMED of.

-Which LIMITING BELIEFS are holding you back and how you can let them go

What to expect after this workshop…

Prepare to experience BIG CHANGES almost INSTANTANEOUSLY in all the areas you desire to change in your life and once again wake up EXCITED and filled with PASSION for the LIFE you have CREATED!! Wear comfortable clothes and bring anything that you may need to lay comfortably flat on your back (We will supply mats)
When you understand intention and how to use THE POWER OF INTENTION in your everyday life, you will realign with the power to create the outcome you are desiring and deserving!! You will not only realign with true joy and Passion but know how to access happiness in every waking moment! Debbie Dixon -Imagine the life you’ve always dreamed of living, with no barriers or boundaries. Imagine a life rich with success and achievement, endless physical vitality, heartfelt personal relationships, and a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment.-I am so excited to have this opportunity to offer this WORKSHOP devoted to aligning with a life of JOY- Wear comfortable clothes as we will do a guided visualization meditation.

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