FALL Yoga Teacher Training

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Debbie Dixon and Hilary Paris September 17th- December 5th

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Dates: September 17th-December 5th

Location: Be Yoga Burien 636B SW 152nd St. Burien, WA 98166

Meeting Times: Fridays evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Times TBA.

Investment: $3,785 before June 30th 2021, $3950 after June 30th 2021. $500 Non-refundable deposit must be given to reserve your spot. Tuition covers a membership at Be Yoga Burien for the duration of the training (11 weeks). Tuition does not cover cost of reading materials and other equipment needed for the training (i.e. your yoga mat, towel, etc.)

*1-2 50% off Scholarships available – preference given to BIPOC and LGBQTi folx.


What You Will Gain From This Training:

  • Be prepared to lead a 26, Hatha, Vinyasa and Hot Fusion class with confidence.
  • Be taught the dialogue, understanding of each asana and their physical/ emotional benefits.
  • The eight limbs of yoga
  • Gain an understanding of the subtle/ energetic body. i.e. Chakras, Nadis/ energy channels, Breath and Bhandas
  • The Practice of Ayurveda, the “Science of Life”
  • Learn Anatomy, Alignment & how to Assist
  • Learn modifications and how to add onto a pose
  • Touch on other disciplines of yoga such as Restorative, Yin and Prenatal Yoga
  • Gain an understanding of the five enemies that challenge us on our mat and in our life
  • Learn and practice the basics of meditation/mindfulness and the connection of these within yoga or the divine union
  • Dive into the Business of Yoga
  • Learn how to sequence a yoga class, incorporate music into your class and play with themes
  • Gain a mastery of the Benefits of each pose in our bodies and life, as well as an understanding when and how to modify or deepen.
  • And most important you will find your individual voice and your unique gift as a teacher

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and you may be provided an opportunity to teach Community Classes.

*Note: Completion of this training does NOT guarantee you a teaching position at Be Yoga Burien.*

About Your Trainers: 


Debbie Dixon

Mission Statement: Teaching mindfulness, divinity within, and oneness with all. Debbie’s focus is not on the attainment of a perfected physical pose but the practice of opening up to the beauty to be found in each day and in every situation.


Debbie’s Values are gratitude, compassion, love, integrity, happiness and lifelong learning.


Debbie Dixon Author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams” is a Life Coach, inspirational speaker and Yoga teacher who stumbled into her first yoga class in 1997 and the spark was almost instantaneous–love at first sight. Having studied and taught yogic philosophy for many years before being formally introduced to the asana, taking her studies to the mat gave her the opportunity to experience with her own body, mind and spirit, the miracles this practice is capable of creating in ones’ life. Her journey into asana began with Ashtanga Yoga and eighteen years ago after the birth of her second son, her passion expanded into Hatha. She was still quite broken when she found Hatha and as she found alignment in her body the healing energy flowed in and corrected all that was broken. Although she has extended her knowledge into many different modalities of teaching Hatha continues to be where she goes for her healing medicine.

12 years ago she taught her first yoga class and shortly after she opened (Seven Hot Yoga) a studio/community she owned and ran for almost five years.

She Has been holding “Realizing your Dreams” workshops and seminars for over 15 years now inspiring, motivating people to step outside of their comfort zones and into a life filled with freedom, prosperity, joy, happiness and infinite possibilities. Now she guides people into their own self-discovery everyday as a yoga teacher. She also leads guided meditations and does yoga retreats all over the world. These retreats allow people to use yoga, meditation and her techniques to reconnect with their purpose and deepest desires, the essence of their being, while disconnecting from their everyday routines and finding themselves in a setting of paradise.

From Debbie:


YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE! At seventeen, struggle was all I knew. Life hadn’t shown me much kindness or compassion. Instead it had become a constant stream of pain. I managed to hold it together. I needed to for my son. I felt like a broken windshield one stone away from being shattered. I didn’t come into the world broken—no one does. A childhood riddled with dysfunction and sexual abuse left scars on my psyche and had tainted what I now know, is the most valuable asset I have—my self-worth

I owe my life to an unlikely source—Madonna. As a child of the eighties, she was everything I wanted to be- strong, confident and beautiful and she did yoga. So, I decided I should do yoga too.

My first experience on the mat was Traditional Ashtanga, 23 years ago and I can say with certainty that was the day I stepped onto my Path to Freedom. My teacher had warned me that yoga had side effects she said, “Yoga will heal your body and your life and you won’t be able eat McDonald’s anymore.” I had no idea just how prophetic that statement was.

Having spent most of my life in survival mode, self-medicating just to make it through the day with drugs, alcohol. Anxiety and panic attacks were something I decided were a part of life.

But, through the practice of yoga, I found myself. Yoga forced me to sit with myself. To find comfort in the uncomfortable. To rely on my breath to get me through. The mantra “This too shall pass.” would sometimes be the only thing that got me through the vigorous 90 min practice aside from looking forward to savasana. I found peace with myself and my circumstances. I  tuned into the blessings in my life and started to change my story from victim to the person who overcame.

It wasn’t overnight. I never put it down or took a break and yoga eventually became the only medicine I needed. It fixed everything.


Then, as if I had spent my whole life sitting in a dark room unaware that light even existed yoga turned on a light within me. About twelve years ago I realized how many other people were just like me. Stuck in the dark. I made it my life goal to shine the light of yoga and healing on as many people as I could. Now I am the Author of “The Path to Freedom Your guide to living the life of your dreams,” a Life Coach, inspirational speaker and Yoga teacher. I guide people into their own self-discovery everyday through yoga and meditation. I lead yoga retreats and because of yoga I can now say “I am living the life I love and loving the life I live”.


https://www.youtube.com/ channel/UC-6bR_ cCHWO7zeQWTHYwLUg

https://www.youtube.com/ channel/UC8NDA_3HgowwLY_ MOKKq1Pg



Instagram is debbiedixon222



Hilary Paris


Hilary has been practicing yoga since 2006, and teaching since 2007. She teaches all yoga formats, but her true love is Vinyasa. Hilary is the Studio Director of Be Yoga Burien and has lead and co-lead several yoga teacher trainings throughout the years. She has also lead many retreats and taught at large scale events for companies such as Wanderlust, Nike, lululemon and Expedia. Hilary is known for her warm energy, welcoming nature and humor. She loves to make jokes in her classes to keep it light and fun. Hilary believes yoga is for every BODY and does the work to make sure ALL feel welcome. She is a mom of two young boys and lives in Normandy Park, WA. Hilary lives, eats and breathes yoga- without this practice she would be a hot mess!

Here are some things that others have to say about Hilary and her offerings:


Hilary is a wonderful teacher and clearly has a love for sharing her passion. I’m very happy I came to the training and learned exactly what I was looking for.” -Bunok K., Yoga Teacher and Barre Teacher Training Grad


Hilary is an exceptional teacher very patient and calming. Her passion shines through in her offerings in all that she shares. Her knowledge of what she offers is incredible and so accessible for all levels from beginners to advance students & teachers.” -Linda B., Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Grad


The experience was truly mind and soul bending and wonderful. Thank you for creating such an in-depth curriculum and being so very present and supportive for all of us.” -Michele G., Nurse and Yoga Teacher Training Grad


“Hilary is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all things yoga. Her years of experience shine through her teaching methods. She is kind, understanding, talented, and dedicated to her trainees success.” -Tara R., Founder of RylieCakes and Vinyasa Teacher Training Grad


“Hilary is one of the best yoga instructors I could ask for to lead the vinyasa teacher training program. I did not know her much before signing up for the teacher training program back in early 2020 but during this transforming 200+ hours meetings and learning with Hilary and all participants. I learned more about myself. I learned to be more confident when speaking in front of people. I found my voice as a yoga teacher and most importantly is that I acknowledge my limitation as a new teacher and I will be honest to say I don’t know if being ask a question I don’t know the answer for. The deeper I dive into this yoga journey the more I realize I don’t know about and I will stay humble and hungry for knowledge throughout this lifelong journey.” -Michelle G., YouTube Star, Online Yoga Teacher and Vinyasa Teacher Training Grad


Hilary is truly an empowering & beautiful soul of a teacher and human. I love how she weaves mindfulness, yoga, and honesty into her classes. She’s sincere, thoughtful, and aware of her students and environment. You will love any experience you have to spend time with her!” Teanna G., Yoga and Fitness Instructor


Hilary is an absolute force of nature. She is strong, powerful and an amazingly kind coach. Her skills, experience and positive communication allow the student to have the best possible outcome. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition.” Hillary P. , Business Owner


I have taken a ton of classes from Hilary and have loved every single one of them. Her knowledge of fitness is extensive and she makes everybody feel comfortable while working hard. She has an amazing sense of humor and leaves you excited for her next class. Anybody who takes a class from Hilary is guaranteed to learn a lot and have a great time.” Callison O., Fitness Instructor


Hilary is one of the most authentic, knowledgeable, inspiring and calming teachers around. She has the rare gift of making you feel stronger in body, mind, and soul after every session. I love every class she’s taught, and feel her glowing energy throughout. She’s always where I am without judgement and I couldn’t appreciate her more.” Sarah G., Realtor


Hilary has a calming, yet focused energy as an instructor. She’s mindful of where you’re at both physically and mentally, and you leave her classes feeling refreshed. I would highly recommend her, and especially like her Yin Yoga workshops and sessions!” Carrie M., Business Developer


Hilary’s IG: @hilaryparis


Still have questions? Reach out to us at hilary@beyogaburien.com



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