Your Dreams Should Scare You

Your Dreams Should Scare You

There is a famous quote from Buddha, “Attachment is the root of all suffering” Our attachments are born from our desires and at the root of almost all desires is freedom. Freedom to do, say, love and feel how we want. Most of us pray for financial freedom in hopes that will open the doorway to our own freedom of expression. The Buddha is implying that liberation is a choice and is found only when we are willing to release all of our attachments.

To really know freedom you must let go and step into the Flow. 

To let go of attachments you must first be aware of them. Follow your greatest fears and at the end you will find your attachments.

I just returned from the most incredible retreat to Peru. In preparing for this retreat I had to face many of my attachments. This was a retreat that pushed my comfort boundaries in every way! Moving away from what was comfortable and into new experiences demanded that I cut attachments I previously hadn’t even been aware of. Attachments can be stories, things or people. Wherever you have an attachment you have limited your expansion and growth.

Get in touch with that fearless warrior inside of you that is begging to come out!! Let yourself be bold and courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories to further your mission and your dreams. Don’t worry about what may go wrong…let go of the reins of control and decide that if something goes wrong…then it becomes all the more exciting and thrilling for you.

It is time!
The world is waiting for who you are becoming!

Cut the ties that are holding you back. Be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you “old beliefs. people, jobs.” so that you can be free! Let yourself step towards the adventure of life!! Be a pioneer and take calculated risks to reach new heights.


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