A message from your Heart

Get out your “To do” list because I have a few things you need to add to it!
1.) Be grateful! If you haven’t made it to your desired result quite yet, find gratitude for where you are! Gratitude is how you stay in rapport with the creative flow.
2.) Notice where you might be resisting. Resistance can show up as unkind thoughts, judgement depression, anger, frustration even guilt.
3.) Let go of your resistance and flow with the rivers of life, you just might end up in the LIFE of your DREAMS

LITT Mission

At LiTT our goal is to create a crusade of warriors determined to abolish fear and separation. If you are a seeker, dreamer or believer who wants to be part of our mission "To unite the world in LOVE" Check out what we are up to next to see how you can join the movement!


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